• Mechanisms of the integral meditation system.

  • Relationship with the yogic bodies, yogic chakras and 5 Koshas.

  • Purification of the yogic bodies and chakras. 

  • Generation of energy in yogic bodies and chakras.

  • Communication with the eternal bodies and chakras.

  • Practical experience based learning.

The Grand Master of Meditation Training provides a very practical multi-dimensional system of meditation that aims giving you the keys for establishing a genuine connection to the Eternal Self. 

  • Course for experienced yoga and meditation practioners

  • Scientific understanding of multi-dimensional wisdom

  • Non-religious

  • For professionals as well as individuals who want to develop their own meditation centres


All along the Grand Master of Meditation Training you will be able to learn and experience: 

  • An Integral Meditation system that gives the right map of the yogic chakras and yogic bodies to establish true communication with the Eternal Self 

  • The Eternal Mental guidance, Eternal Physical beauty, Eternal Prana power and Eternal Psychic love that lies dormant within you

  • Traditional systems of Meditation: teachings of the Buddha, Mahavira, Vivekananda, Sankracharia etc. compared to four-dimensional approach to meditation

  • How to connect Apara physical to Para physical, outer Prana to eternal Prana, Untransformed Mental to Transformed Mental and Impure Psychic to Pure Psychic

  • Relaxation and Purification of the bodies. Generation of energy in all bodies. Communication with the Eternal Consciousness.

  • Reconnect the untransformed dimension to the Eternal, pure dimension of the consciousness. 

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