Experience and express the eternal consciousness in practical life

The intensive residential Grand Master of Meditation course has been designed by Swami Vidyanand for experienced practitioners and teachers of yoga and meditation, he will be conducting the course in person.


This course aims at giving every student the opportunity to come into contact and express the Eternal Consciousness in practical life.


When one wants to learn about meditation, one can be quite perplexed in front of the many influences and techniques of meditation available nowadays. Traditional systems of meditation tend to be rather divided and may even appear contradictory at times because they generally offer knowledge about only one dimension of the consciousness at a time and one can experience only limited progress. 


The Grand Master of Meditation course is a truly experience-based, scientific approach to meditation taking its source in the systems of yogic chakras and yogic bodies. This course is based on the fact that every existence is constituted of four untransformed bodies connected to the corresponding four transformed bodies emanating from the yogic chakras. 


  • Apara and para dimensions of the Self.

  • The relationship between the yogic bodies and seven chakras.

  • Still and dynamic meditation for each dimension of the consciousness.

  • The relationship between the five channels of prana, yogic bodies and seven chakras.

  • The impurities of the yogic bodies and yogic chakras.

  • The difficulties faced in meditation: purification methods for the yogic bodies and yogic chakras.

  • The mechanisms of multidimensional Kundalini energy awakening in the yogic bodies and chakras.

  • Communication with the eternal consciousness through still and dynamic meditation.

  • Comparison between various traditional and modern systems of meditation.

  • The specific internal mechanisms of all yogic bodies: the various dimensions of the consciousness.

  • Energy awakening science: kriyas and bandhas.

  • Mantras explained: the science of mantras to support the practice of meditation.

  • Meditation for specific audiences (youth, senior, corporate etc.).

  • Meditation as a healing process: multidimensional therapy through meditation.

  • The mechanisms of the five koshas.

  • Integral Yoga Nidra.

  • Multidimensional still and dynamic meditation: 
    - Physical still and dynamic meditation
    - Prana still and dynamic meditation
    - Mental still and dynamic meditation
    - Psychic still and dynamic meditation

Using the tools disclosed by the traditional systems of meditation that have been developed over several centuries, this course takes one deep within and encourages self-awareness and observation while providing practical keys to the knowledge of the four bodies. This course endeavors to give an integral in-depth approach of meditation and a holistic understanding of the energy mechanisms at work in creation.


Meditation and yoga are interconnected and should not be considered separate practices. During this course, one can learn how to employ the tools provided by the yogic science such as kriyas, pranayama, asanas and mantras for the purpose of purification of the yogic bodies which is a prerequisite for meditation. It provides comprehensive yet simple methods of purification of all layers of the bodies, leading to fast progress and experience of higher levels of consciousness. 

It is only by experiencing all yogic bodies-oriented meditation that one can truly become a Grand Master of meditation.

All along the course, one is guided towards complete expertise of the internal mechanisms of meditation in order to progress towards developing one’s integral inner guidance power for personal growth while getting insights on how to become the perfect instrument for multidimensional progress in life.