Multidimensional consciousness awakening

The Grand Master of Meditation Training provides a very practical
four-dimensional system of meditation that aims giving you the keys for establishing a genuine connection to the Eternal Self. 

The Grand Master of Meditation course is a 15 days program conducted in SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga in Tamil Nadu (South India) under the direct guidance of Swami Vidyanand. Upon completion of the course you will receive certificates from Yoga Alliance International and Meditation Alliance International allowing you to conduct trainings and teach meditation on all five continents. 

All along the GrandMasterMeditation Training you will be able to learn and experience: 

- An Integral Meditation system that gives the right map of the yogic chakras and yogic bodies to establish true communication with the Eternal Self 

- The Eternal Mental guidance, Eternal Physical beauty, Eternal Prana power and Eternal Psychic love that lies dormant within you

- Traditional systems of Meditation: teachings of the Buddha, Mahavira, Vivekananda, Sankracharia etc. compared to four-dimensional approach to meditation

- How to connect Apara physical to Para physical, outer Prana to eternal Prana, Untransformed Mental to Transformed Mental and Impure Psychic to Pure Psychic

- Relaxation and Purification of the bodies. Generation of energy in all four bodies. Communication with the Eternal Consciousness.

- Reconnect the untransformed dimension to the Eternal, pure dimension of the consciousness. 


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